A hint of spice

1984 London

The film reinterprets a wine tasting experience by capturing a short moment in time when the process of smelling and tasting is recreated and brought to life through visual and audible dimensions.

The discovery of flavours, intensifying senses, atmosphere and environment are all deconstructed and recreated through an observant and minimalist performance, shot carefully and accurately with one perceived camera shot.

I can’t taste, I can’t smell, I can hear, I can see.

When we breathe in and smell, the world comes inside us. With taste, our mouth observes and evaluates textures and aromas, we are tasting the world. A life without taste and smell can alter one’s sense of passion in the world and make the changing of seasons meaningless. Curiosity and daydream can re-invent this impression.

Composing an artistic vision we have curiously peeled back the rich sensory layers to reveal a visually expressive, complex and balanced structure. Lifted aromas of spice, with a fine nutty aged American oak, earthiness and complexity.

BBC sound effects library
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Wonder by Tristan Barton