Jil Sander

Touch Modality / Nils Frahm

Working with Andrew Jarrett and Nils Frahm to create ‘Touch Modality’, a Jil Sander brand film.

The lasting legacy of Woodstock inspired a new form of artistic expression through a distinctive film collaboration for Jil Sander.

Set in the inspiring and exposed natural surroundings of Woodstock, Andrew Jarrett’s directional work addresses the feeling of touch modality. 

Inviting you into an immersive moment in which Saskia De Brauw brings the physical body into contact with the world around her. To appreciate the sensation of touch and to perceive external objects and forces through caress and movement. Emotions and differences in behaviour felt through the experimental sound composed by Nils Frahm.

Fascination and prepossession through the tactile sense allows us to understand the world around us.

© 1984 London