Book One

Book one 93-94 was when I first started taking pictures. I was travelling around the world being a hairdresser, got really bored, So I began documenting my life with my kids, family, friends and travels. I really loved capturing people’s lives and their energy.

This book is mainly B/W with some color, and is really where I started to develop my style of cinematic, painterly, rich, emotional, lush photography.

Anyway, I was very lucky and within a year got my first job doing 12 portraits for Interview Magazine which was great and I was up and running.

I’m planning on continuing to share my personal books that I’ve made over the years.

Some of my publications include Visionaire, ID, Another, Dazed, Self Service, Purple, French Vogue, 10 Magazine, Time Life, New York Times and many more. Advertising include Nike, Adidas, Harvey Nichols, Starbucks, Vodafone and many more.